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Through a co-working process development, in ConsulRe the operative branch called Real Estate Consultancy is available to all our clients. Thanks to this branch it is possible to communicate with experts who support the client during each step, such as: the property investment, their own asset&property management, and the techincal-financial development of any new estate enterprise.

Within this branch you can find the following specific experts:

Construction/estate TECHNICAL STAFF:

Our construction/estate technical staff is able to carry out all the activities concerning the technical-economic planning, the subsequent creation, and the introduction on the market of a new estate enterprise. This branch is composed of the following experts:

  • Real Estate Agents;
  • Surveyors;
  • Engineers;
  • Appraisal experts;
  • Interior designers.

At the same time, those experts are supported by an operating staff composed of manpower and various professionals able to execute from the easiest and ordinary maintenance works, up to the most complex ones; from any kind of building construction, up to the study and the interior furniture, and its total supply.

We believe in minds alliance, and in the dialogue and know-how sharing among technicians belonging to different cultural backgrounds and generations.


Our legal staff is able to deal with:

  • Civil law;
  • International law and contracts;
  • Criminal law.


  • Financial Brokers.

ConsulRe, also is a new financial broker, specialised in the real estate sector.

Thanks to some exclusive agreements drawn up with some of the main finance corporations focused on the real estate sector, we can provide our clients with a wide, complete and unique range of products. The market is nowadays, more and more dynamic and competitive: it is necessary to aim for competence, specialisation and reliability in order to accomplish all the new needs of the clients and catch new business opportunities.

Furthermore, ConsulRe offers the assistance and training, from which the preferred solution can be chosen in order to aid the clients.

Our offers to clients:

  • Mortgages suitable for all types of purposes, up to 100% of the value;
  • Financial products up to 40-years-duration;
  • All types of rates and repayment plans;
  • Economic clauses in line with the client's risk profile: from the best client product, to once-off spread rates, from mortgage liquidity solutions up to rates consistent with the product risk;
  • Leasing and mortgages to enterprises.

ConsulRe has made agreements with the main market operators, both Leasing specialists and general Banks, to satisfy the needs of the so-called corporate clients (companies, self-employed, freelancers). Products like business mortgages, mortgage loans and leasing are essential to be the appropriate representatives of a client's category – the corporate one –, which is becoming more and more strategic for the real estate business. That is the target that ConsulRe aims for: to achieve it, therefore, it is vital to have a wide range of financial offers.

Consumer credits:

In addition to our offer range, we cooperate with the best finance corporations specialised in personal loans.

The real estate consultancy aims at relieving the clients – whether they are individuals, an instituion or a company – from those issues and activities deriving from any kind of field within the real estate sector. Thus, we fulfil what would need a big number of professionals to be carried out: all of them are now gathered in ConsulRe and in its experts team.

Operative Branch



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