ConsulRe Real Estate & Investments Company is specialised in the professional consultancy addressed to the buying and selling, lease, estimation and value enhancement of real estate properties and assets. Such properties may be used either as shops/offices or as residences, and areas suitable for building, redevelopment or farming.

The company headquarters are situated in the Marche Region and has a widespread network of experts and cooperations throughout Italy. Besides, we are proud of our partnership with the Raglan International UK real estate based in London, aimed at supplying services addressed both to the British and the international markets, especially thanks to its location within the multiethnic city and business hub.

We have been working in the wide real estate sector for over 25 years, always featured by competence and care. These are the qualities thanks to which we were chosen as real estate consultants and advisors in the Marche Region, in order to join a closed property investment fund whose headquarters are in Luxembourg, which, therefore, mostly operates within the retail and accomodation field.

We are able to offer to our clients all the competences needed for a complete operative support concerning all the real estate branches, such as: Planning, Building, Strategic Consultancy, Facility Management, Dedicated Financial Services, etc.

ConsulRe is, therefore, offering its services as a single mediator for the investor (whether private, corporate or institutional) through its reserved areas, and is able to support comprehensive consultancy and service activities concerning real estates.
We differ from others because each and every branch of the wide real estate sector has been classified under a specific category, which synergistically cooperates with the services and the other partitions, still maintaining, however, an independent identity.

Carlo Catena

Technical Director
Mob. +39 346 7429203

Lorena Carini

Head of Sales
Mob. +39 329 8115481

Operative Branch



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